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Tuesday, October 24

Round 3: Why Do People?

'Why do people always need to go to the toilet when they hear the sound of running water?' - Cambosis

Dear Cambosis,

Your email came to me as the rain pelted my windows, and the flatmates were doing the dishes. And as you know, no-one in Japan fills their sink, they just leave the water running. So you could say I read your email and had to go to the toilet. So that's an easy one Cammy Chunks. This is because every time you go to the toilet for Number 1s, you inevitably hear the sound of running...well...running Number 1s. And you are in a relaxed state. So therefore, whenever you hear the sound of running water, it relaxes you enough to make you feel like going to the toilet. It's a bit like these survey results I read very recently. A large proportion of men feel the need to go off and do Number 2s after entering bookstores because at home they are used to doing this activity at home while reading a book or the paper. Is this true Cambosis?


Auntie 'Dr Karl' Kisses xoxo



Anonymous cambosis said...

Phew... that really is a load of my mind... all this time i suspected it was water companies brain washing kids by secretly implanting a hidden message in each tap nozzle... just so they could get that extra sewerage!

as for bookstores... i certainly have noticed needing number 2s any more frequently... though that may be coz ive been constipated ever since i was 13. I will however endevour to enter bookstores shortly after cosuming 4 times the recommended daily dose of laxatives... though im not sure it would be considered a scientifically sound experiment... it may lack scientific rigour...

Thanks again Auntie Karl, Ill have something more for you soon.

6:04 pm

Blogger Gitte said...

Gross you guys...

1:10 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Cam - no subliminal messages here.

Gitte - of course.

11:33 am


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