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Thursday, February 15

Round 4: Why Do People...?

"Why do most people lack common sense, is it because common sense is not as common as we thought and if that's the case, shouldn't it be called uncommon sense or something of that nature?" - Ben
Dear Ben,
Your question really has 2 parts to it.
Firstly, you are correct, common sense - logic if you will - is not as prevalent as the name suggests. Most people in the world strive to be at least common, or 'normal' - and let's face it, most people have hard time doing even that. 'Nuff said.
Moving on to the second part of query. If we were to call it 'uncommon sense' as such, I feel the fun would be taken out of 'making fun' of people as a direct result of their lack of common sense. It's always more satisfying to point out what qualities people lack, such as "He has no effing common sense", rather than what they do have "He is full of effing uncommon sense." (My choice of pronoun is no mistake either).
If you are left wondering why sometimes, drop me a line and I will endeavour to shed some light on the matter.
Love Auntie Kisses xo



Anonymous Ben said...

You crack me up

12:40 pm


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