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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Friday, December 15

There's no place like Melbourne

SOME PEOPLE ANNOY ME SO MUCH. One particularly flamboyant and dare I say creative (as opposed to moronic) person is very lucky we no longer live in the same country. I just wish his lies did' follow me home. It is just so boring. At first i found his acts amusing, now it is just tired, especialy as he thinks I am believing his crap - it's more an amused thought of 'How far will he push it this time?'

On a much higher note, my mother officialy graduated today with a PhD in Linguistics as well as Applied Linguistics. The whole family was there to watch her get her diploma and then down champers afterwards.
Tomorrow night am heading into town for Ben's work Christmas party. And then Sunday night is the night of all nights, The Robbie Williams concert. i love the man, and i will let you all know now that my answer will be yes.
After a lovely evening last night eating T-bone steaks and drinking China Blues with a mate, i was in the city early and thought I would take advantage of the morning time go see the Myer Christmas Windows before the city's workers and shoppers had arrived. We usually do it every year as a family, or at least we did when i was growing up - dad would load us all in the car a few days before Christmas to do view the Windows, have one last night of city shopping, and then finish off with something to eat in Lygon St, the Italian part of town. The theme this year is about the native animals of Oz putting on a nativity play, with the wombat wondering which part he will play - he is too fat to be the head angel, too short to be a wise king and too sleepy to be Mary. It is so adorable. Then finally the bilby suggests he plays the baby in the manger and all harmony is restored. Beautifully presented, a very cute and touching story.
I then walked up to melbourne uni, to meet my family for the graduation ceremony - twas a gorgeous summer morning in Melbourne. Warming up with a gentle breeze. Walked from Flinders Street, all the way up Swanston, stopping for a quick stroll down Bourke Street Mall, before continuing back up to the uni...the familiar sights and sounds of Melbourne, with some new things in there - I totaly fell in love with the city again. There is no place like home!!!

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Monday, December 11

Check and Check

It has been just over 3 days since I touched down in a dry and dusty Melbourne! One whole day was spent sleeping (that was Friday, bar waking up long enough to eat Indian food at my fave restauran in Warrandyte...and eating a vindaloo that was honest-to-god proper hot'n'spicy!! Spices, welcome back!)
One whole day was spent at my parents' Christmas party, drinking champagne and vodka cruisers. Great way to catch up with my family, which is huge. I forgot how funny they all are and just how much I like them all. My cousin bombing his own kids in the pool was hilarious.
One whole day was also spent swimming to escape the 43 degree heat. And since the temp dropped by over 20 degrees today - go melbourne and your 4 seasons in one day thing - I went shopping with mum and dad, wrote an article on Opium for next month's KS and caught up with my best mate Christie who dropped around with her man and their dog. Was really good to see her actually.
It is great to be back, it really is - except I forgot just how many damn bugs we have over here.

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Wednesday, December 6

There'll Be A New World Beginning From Tonight

Well from Friday anyway.

To my family: 1 guess as to what/who I am listening to with a post title like that. Hullelujah! If anyone outside my family guesses that, I will be truly, TRULY astonished and amazed.

In fact, listening to this almost makes me shed a tear. Almost. I am a little worried that I have been overzealous in the throwing out of...everything. I can now fit what I have left into one suitcase. I think my dad would probably see that as a sign I have not bought him enough presents, since that leaves me with one 65 litre back pack and a HUGE suitcase empty...well I am not going through any of the bags of clothes I have thrown out or books or anything in case I change my mind on any of it. I know I have a whole wardrobe of clothes waiting for me at home. Somewhere.

So I have to get back to it. My bedroom still looks like I have not moved out. I don't know why that is...


Tuesday, December 5

Surprise Sayonara

Was grand. More pics to come soon...

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Monday, December 4

Until the 12th of Never

I am going to participate in this venture - A Day In Photos. Anybody can join in, the more international the better! I know a few of you who read this would be interested. You don't need to be a fancy photographer or have any special equipment apart from a camera. Even though you do need to set up a blogger account to do it, you don't necessarily have to keep a blog going. This is just so you can post your pics up.

For me, I think it will be a way of keeping in sync with is going on with the people I know in Osaka. Happy snapping me pretties!