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Wednesday, December 6

There'll Be A New World Beginning From Tonight

Well from Friday anyway.

To my family: 1 guess as to what/who I am listening to with a post title like that. Hullelujah! If anyone outside my family guesses that, I will be truly, TRULY astonished and amazed.

In fact, listening to this almost makes me shed a tear. Almost. I am a little worried that I have been overzealous in the throwing out of...everything. I can now fit what I have left into one suitcase. I think my dad would probably see that as a sign I have not bought him enough presents, since that leaves me with one 65 litre back pack and a HUGE suitcase empty...well I am not going through any of the bags of clothes I have thrown out or books or anything in case I change my mind on any of it. I know I have a whole wardrobe of clothes waiting for me at home. Somewhere.

So I have to get back to it. My bedroom still looks like I have not moved out. I don't know why that is...



Anonymous Tam said...

Does the next line go like this
"Going to climb up to my saddle
Going to take it to my heart
There’ll be a new world beginning from tonight"
Or am I on the wrong track.

10:18 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Yes it does! I am impressed...

but do you know who I'm listening to? hehehe. Typical Lambert stuff. Whenever any of us 'gpo away' dad sends us CDs of songs to remind us of him and mum.

10:25 am

Blogger Gitte said...

OHMIGOD. Bring the CD home coz Dad can't find his copy and mine is packed away. In fact, if we can't find Mr H CD, Christmas is off!! Seriously.

11:04 am

Anonymous mrm said...

I was just going to make the same comment as Gitte!

11:07 am

Blogger Gitte said...

PS - please don't tell me you threw out any of the stuff I accidentally left at your place. is shorts and tops...

11:08 am

Anonymous Dad said...

If you have a 65 litre bag that is empty .. then what are you bringing home for everyone else??

How many kilos do all of my presents weigh .. including the zip up shoes ??

Do I bring a truck to the airport .. or is the Landcruiser big enough?

It is good to see that at least one of your friends listens to classical music ... Hi Tam

.. by the way, mum probably hasn't told you yet .. we no longer live in Croydon ... we live at .... sorry I am not allowed to tell you.

We all look forward to having you home ... really ....

Love Dad XXX OOO

11:17 am

Anonymous Tam said...

I must admit I did cheat....however, I will have to listen to it now. Also, have the Lambert's really left Croydon North? How will I find you when I'm next in Melb? Which is in March for all those interested.

1:27 pm

Anonymous Big Brother said...

The Lamberts have left North Croydon... we had to go and live in a shoebox in the middle of a lake.

3:02 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

We're just hiding around the corner because we heard Lizzie was coming home.

5:15 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Trust me Tam, they will want their pressies - including the huge bottle of Dita Lychee Liquour I purchased today - as well as the HEINJI cd if Christmas is to be uncancelled on any level....so dad has no choice but to take me home...the 2 things I can't wait for is to jump into the pool off the trampoline and borrow my sister's car and get behind the wheel....driving ohhhh yeah!!!
And no Gitte I didnt throw out any of your stuff....I dont think so.

5:05 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

BTW Tam, I will make sure I bring you a copy of the song in question. In fact you would have heard it at our house before on a Christmas Eve.

And I believe I met your perfect match. The guy who took over my job hates quitting jobs almost as much as you and I do....in fact he has a story to rival your sending-key-in-overnight-bag-with-extraordinary-story excuse. My parents will love it.

5:08 am


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