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Tuesday, January 30

And the winner is...Sy-do-nee

So for the long weekend that was the Australia Day weekend, I decided to hot foot it to Sydney on my Frequent Flyer points to visit Andy. I used to date Andy in Japan. Briefly - in theme, along with the rest of my forays into Dating in Osaka. Very lovely guy and the only non-gay dude I know who admits he likes musicals.
Well I touched down bright and early, and Andy met me at the airport. I was all set for a big happy reunion in the airport, apart from the fact I was hungover, had forgotten my toothbrush and was too focussed on the possibility of aving morning breath than actually locating Andy. I was a tad concerned that we might not get along - it has been nearly 2 years exactly since we have seen each other, and have only kept in touch with the VERY, VERY occasional email - but Andy put me at ease within minutes, when I commented on the weather and he just laughed and said "Oh shit, we're not talking about that already are we?". From then on it was all a-okay.
Since it was Australia, we quickly headed into the city to see his dad, as his dad and his very old Brush - a car from the beginning of last century - were a part of the Australia Day parade. I was quite surprised - his dad seemed to know all about me and my visit to Sydney. I guess I was shocked that Andy had talked about me at all. I would be all like "Yep a friend is coming to stay" and if anyone asked questions sure I would answer them but I wouldn't voluntarily offer information. And then as we were leaving his dad gave me a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Was kinda sweet, kinda shocking, like I was being welcomed into the family.
Anyway we went back to Andy's house, grabbed our togs and headed for something to eat at Bronte Beach. The walk down was lovely, Andy really lives in a beautiful place. And then it was on to Tamarama Beach for q cuik dip - although I've been to Sydney many times I have never before actually swam in any of the beaches up there! The water was a beautiful aqua colour, although cold, and was just amazing. I was expecting the beaches up there to be ver similar to Melbourne's -i.e. very dark looking and not so inviting. I couldn't wait to get in and since it had been a long time since I had swam in a proper surf beach, I got really tired really quickly (Sayonara shout outs to Suma Beach & Wakayama - never ever again!!).
Got back to Andy's and we both crashed on the couch, got up around 4 as we had his brother's girlfriend's boat party to get to. No we weren't sailing for Nauru, but rather cruising around Sydney Harbour for her birthday. To tell the truth, I was a little nervous. Sydneysiders get such a bad rap - snobby, pretentious, up themselves, rude, shallow. The list goes on...and I ate to admit that I've often agreed with what I have heard. So yeah I was a little nervous about what to wear and also about meeting the 48 other people on the yacht.
Well good thing I don't stick to my preconceived notions very often. Andy's brothers, their girlfriends and their mates combined were nothing short of friendly, sociable, funny, and....just so damn nice! Again, everyone knew of me so that was nice, but I couldn't help but think "God I hope I wasn't a freak when Andy and I were dating." CAuse I know I can be. Like I had forgotten I had told Andy all about my 'sleep paralysis' - something I don't think I have even explained on the blog. But when Andy asked me if I still get it (and that's a YES DAMN IT!) I had a sinking feeling and thought to myself "O schizer. what else did I tell him?"...Anyway, I had a ball. We were on the cruise for about 4 or 5 hours, watched the beautiful sunset over the harbour and drank champagne like it was going out of fashion. When that was out I switched to corona. Oh and note to self and anyone reading, stilettos aren't the yacht shoe of choice.
So yeah we were all pretty drunk by the time we decked in Darling Harbour and were mighty surprised to find our mate Charlie waiting for us as we de-yachted, so we hung out at the Opera Bar by das Opera Haus for a few hours, chatting, drinking, chatting, drinking and so on.
That's where the good times stopped. For Andy anyway.
Well I don't mean it like that exactly, I still had a great weekend, and once Andy got out of hospital I am sure he was a lot happier too. But Andy trying to do a spiderman mission up to the second floor balcony in a bid to get inside the apartment upon realising house keys were with his brother (Guy), falling off and smashing his wrist and requiring surgery was not in the schedule. Turned out the injury was very similar to T-Money's stoned accident 2 years ago - Andy also needed pins, a titanium rod and so forth to put his wrist back together again.
So Saturday I spent with Guy and Sarah - Guy's girl and the birthday girl - watching movies and Mz Amazonia kick The Russian Skank's ass in the women's Australian Open Tennis Final. To say Sarah and I were funny is the understatement of 007. She and I were keeping each other in hysterics for most of the day, with Guy trying to get in on the action, trying to prove he was funny too. Don't worry Guy, you are, in your own special way. Great people, great company. I felt bad for having such a good time while Andy was doped up on morphine waiting for the surgeon at das hospital.
After Sarah went home, Guy and I - well Guy anyway - bought a shiteload of cheese and wine and then proceeded to drink and stuff ourselves back at the aparto. To say Guy and I got along well is another understatement of of 007. Was like we were old friends, I was a little worried at first - cause Andy wasn't there and I didn't want to intrude or anything - but it went so well I must say I am a little sad that we live in different cities! What a great mate.
Got the good news on Sunday that Andy could come out of hospital so Mr G and I decided to throw him a bbq... Firstly, we got the swim at Bronte Beach outta the way. Felt too bad doing that once we had Andy. Then it was breaky, bbq shopping and Andy collection time (the hospital response to us asking where he was: "Oh Balcony Boy."). Mr G made some calls and within minutes friends were arriving to eat and laugh (at and with Andy), fried up the 'roo snagers, some steaks, cola, wine, beer and by the time the tennis action got underway with Federer and Gonzalez, we were all fired up. Apart from Andy who was doing his best to drink something while dosed up on the Fortes and not fall asleep. Again, Sarah and I spent a lot of time on said balcony laughing our asses off, and then Mr G and I stayed up for a bit chatting incessantly - like the good friends we became for the 5 minutes I was in Sydney. I hope Andy didn't feel put out, it was a difficult situation with his arm. Was supposed to catch up with the uncle on Sunday but completely forgot with all the ruckus.
Andy I got to spend a bit of time together on Monday, but not much as my flight left earlier than I first thought and I slept in pretty late. I wanted to catch up with Andy more over the weekend but as fate had it, that just didn't happen so I hope he comes down here for a trip or maybe I can head back up there. Headed off to the airport on Monday feeling a bit worse for wear - it started on Sunday arvo and didn't go away until Tuesday, I suspect it was the mountain of cheese I consumed on Saturday and Sunday. My taxi driver was of questionable sex - either a very manly chick or a wuss of a man. It was freaking me out, and I couldn't wait to get out at the airport.
I felt quite down leaving Sydney - which totally surprised me since I was only there for the long weekend. But everyone I met was so sincerely nice and I felt like they became my friends very quickly. Everyone seemed to genuine when they said they hoped I would come back (either that or they are great actors). I guess I was sad too because I am yet to feel that commaderie with my mates here in Melbourne since returning to Oz. I had my circle of friends in Japan, the close ones I would see all the time, that is how it is in Cairns (thanks to Tam) and that is what this group were like in ol' Sydney Town. In Melbourne pre-Japan, my friends were always spread out over different groups as such - depending on how I met them I guess and how we socialised together. It was rare that I would see all my good friends in the same room, unless it was my bday or something I had organised. Tat never bothered me before. But I have also seen how life goes on whether you are there or not, and my friends in Melbourne all have their lives going on with out me and I am not sure how to get back into it anymore or whether I have a place in their lives anymore.
*sigh* It just seems like the winner is anywhere but Melbourne right now.

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Blogger Divine Miss M said...

Sydney is a funny place, but it sounds like you had a ball! Chick, atleast it wasnt you that ended up in hospital...

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