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Saturday, January 13

...Apparently This Low

You can understand why this article tag line "America's favourite bad girl is back' got me a little excited! That biatch Brenda is back, resurrecting her career by breaking couples up live on television!
Yes, she has gone onto bigger and better things since Little House on the Prairie, 90210 and Charmed by gobbling up whatever attention she can grab in Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty. I kid you not. I was unlucky enough to turn on the TV and witness Brenda (for she will always be Brenda to me) do a kind of 'Gotcha Ya' call on a girl who had no idea her relationship was in any shit whatsoever.
Bitchy B calls up this girl at her work place, pretending to ask about something and then when the girl explains she can't help her, seeing as they are in different places, Brenda gets all smart with an "Oh really? You think?" as she opens up the door to where said victim is on the phone. With the predictable "Um, this call really has nothing to do with why I am here" segue into the break up, the girl is then informed her boyfriend has a message for her and she has two options, being (a) to have Brenda relay the message or (b) watch her boyfriend relay the message on a pre-recorded tape.
The victim is utterly bewildered. As you would be. One minute she is on the phone at work, the next she is face to face with the quintissential boyfriend stealing, back-stabbing icon of every high school girl of the 90s! You can see her face starting to crumple as she registers this, knowing that whether this messenger has come as Brenda or Shannen, it ain't going to be good news.
She chooses option (a) and with that Brenda explains that it is over with the man, the main reason being she doesn't trust him enough to let him go out with his friends. Brenda tries to give her advice, citing problems she had with her ex hubby (not sure if she is referring to Dylan, Steve, David, the dude that shot himself, even Brandon or Ahsley Hamilton here - but weren't they all alcoholic, drug addicts at one time or another scripted or otherwise?). The victim is looking around herself incredulously thinking "Why has this lousy screw up dumped me on national TV?" as Brenda just keeps crapping on that she and Dylan were always meant to be together, whether Kelly likes it or not, and that they are going to test the strength of their love when she goes to France for the summer.
Okay so maybe I am reashing an old 90210 episode. But you get my drift.

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