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Thursday, January 11

How Low Can You Go?

In regards to Australian TV that is. I switched on to find out "Who is Australia's Brainiest Olympian?" A 30 minute quiz show devoted to giving us an answer to that question, which is apparently Steve Monaghetti. Thank god, now I will be able to sleep well tonight.
Let's just say Tamsin Lewis and Kerry Pothurst are about as switched on as a crack whore in rehab, as illustrated below:
Sandra Sully: Which Australian comedy TV show's main character was a news presenter named Mike Moore?
Tamsyn Lewis: Austin Powers
Sandra Sully: Jane Who was the main character and title of Charlotte Bronte's 1847 novel?
Kerry Pothurst: Wuthering Heights
All I say is athletes take note: Stop trying to prove to us you are smart. We just don't buy it (read Cathy Freeman, that moron boxer whatizface, Anthony Mundine, Ian Thorpe, and Lisa Curry-Kenny/Kenny-Curry)
I would say the same about Steven Bradbury, but he is cute. And the way in which he actually won his gold medal is inspirational in the true Aussie Way...as the under dog speedskater, he was literally the last man standing when everyone else fell over!
PS. Who really cares ? It's hardly surprising that this was the brainchild of Channel 10.

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Anonymous cambosis said...

i wont hear a single bad word about Tamsin Lewis... who needs a brain anyway... ive got one (well had) and i just blow whats left away on booze... whereas my lovely tamsin spends all day running around and around.... oh bugger... ok... she's got the brain of a gold fish.... but she's got me for as long as she wants

7:56 pm

Blogger Divine Miss M said...

LOL... you used "crack whore"... I knew you would be infected as Tam and I were...
As for Tamsin Lewis, she should stick to her impression of a head on a stick cause every time she opens her mouth I'm embarassed for her... She's a twit... Gorgeous of course but still a twit... Lucky you missed the last season of Dancing with the Star, chick, is all I can say!
Missing you heaps babe... say hi to Ben for me...

2:54 pm

Blogger Nathan said...

Long time no see..
I know nothing (it seems fortunatly though) about Aussie sports characters... Looks like they are a bit better here in Norway (except a few of course).
Nice to see you are enjoying being back home!


7:25 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Cambosis - deal. Then I've got steven bradbury.

Divine Miss M - crack whore, it really is the best way of expressing how I feel about those around me at times. Was also a fave phrase of mine in Japan to teach to those who didn't know any better and to describe the state of those in our apartment on Sundays.

Nathan - Irrashai! Welcome back matey...you stick to your curling and we will stick to our swimming... Happy New Year xo

2:29 pm

Anonymous cambosis said...

i think i use "fucko"

you really cant beat it for sheer class!

6:57 pm


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