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Wednesday, January 24

True Love No More

It's kind of sad in a nostalgic way when you find out your favourite ex- boyfriend is getting married - and obviously not to you. It's even a little bit more tragic when you discover that your second favourite ex-man love is also getting married - and once again not to you - and to top it all off, that he has inherited 50 million dollars. This last real life scenario has left me wondering 'What on earth was I thinking?' It was even a lit bit more depressing when I found out about ex-boyf #1 by reading an invitation at my 'Is he or isn't he?' boyfriend's house a few weeks back.
I think the most depressing realisation of all is that they are not in love with me anymore. Damn!



Blogger Gitte said...

It is a good thing for the rest of the world when you find out your ex-husband is getting married. Means there are two less ass-holes roaming the world who may hook up with nice people and ruin their lives.

9:08 am

Blogger Divine Miss M said...

It's just that you feel like this really means that they will never be yours again, even tho you already know this it's just the finality. I hope mine is on the other side of the world when he decides to get married! Even tho I know he is a prick... :)

2:13 pm


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