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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Wednesday, February 28

WTD #2: A Day in the Life of Sydney Driving

Driving around Syd-o-nee is a nightmare. This is why:
- throughout most of the city, you cannot do a right hand turn. Which is why when we simply had to drive 2 streets to the right after our media appearance we ended up driving 75km in the wrong direction before arriving at the performance venue. No shit. 75 km. In a traffic jam. Because the heavens had opened up, caused a flashflood and a horrendous accident on the "stretch" of road we happened to not be able to do any right hand turns from. And the first opportunity came in the form of an exit off to the left - which came 75 kms too late.
- often the street signs for the major roads and highways appear on the otherside of the intersection you actually need to turn down. Or exactly on the exit. No slip lanes, no warning. Just do it.
- Sydney drivers are extremely aggressive. They all drive up your ass, weave in and out of lanes and never let you in. I think they all must be male.
- The tolls. Had the funniest moment when we had to pay a toll so I drove up to the window to pay. Sat there for 5 minutes wondering why the attendant wasn't opening their window. And also wondered why the windows were really tinted. And locked. So we sat. And waited. Turns out you had to pay via a machine. A machine that sat a good 10 metres behind us. Again no warning of what to do and where to do it. I had two choices: make the increasing line of cars behind me back up. Or get out in the pelting, flash flood causing rain amidst the thunder and lightning. And as I said, pelting rain. You do the math and guess what I did.
- Em and knew we had consumed too much sugar (go the lollies) when we sat there singing out hearts out to The Lightning Seeds' Football's Coming Home. Something was taking over and we both got a bit silly. Then I realised we had bought sugarless lollies.
Driving around here is driving us mad.

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Tuesday, February 27

Walking The Dinosaur: WTD #`1 Melbourne to Sydney

And so begins the next adventure of a lifetime for me. I can't say the adventure of a lifetime because it certainly isn't my first and I doubt it will be my last.
Door to Door: Melbourne to Sydney
All Aboard: Emma and myself
Distance Covered: 884km
Time: Just under 10 hours. Left around 6am and pulled into Sydnet just before 4. Didn't really stop, had a quick coffee in Albury but on the go and then fuel break in Yass. Then a toilet stop not long after that! In fact all in all, our stops probably only totalled 30 minutes, including the fuel and air in Coldsteam at 6.30 this morning.
Out & About: Hotel we are staying in is very '70s Santa Fe blue/green. In fact it must be the colour of Ashfield, the suburb we are staying in, because the funeral parlous two doors down and many of the local business are all the same garish shade. Very Castro. Had to get some Dino props so walked down to Bunnibs and Em and I immediately became excited at the smell of a good ol' fashioned sausage sizzle and got in on the action. We then decided since we were staying put for the next 10 days we would go shopping and buy some groceries. Since we purchased so much, and the dockets were so long, we managed to get a few "Buy One Get One Free" meal vouchers for varous pubs around Sydney's West, so we decided to give one a go tonight, which is why we ended up at Selma's Grill at the Tavern Hill Hotel in Leichhardt...and promptly walked smack bang into the middle of a poker game. All the men have looked up and one guy has said "You here for the poker?" as we were busily studying our docket and answering. "Um no, we are just here for.....hang on wait til we find it....um...Selma's Grill."
The meals were cheap anyway and huge, and thanks to our shop-a-docket paid only $6 each.
Bizarre Moment: A very Kath n Kim kinda magic with the 3 generations of women at the table next to us. Gran, Mum and baby. Gran and Mum were puffing away into baby's face, with both having the Kath n Km hair respectively. Mum disappears, presumably to have shots upstairs with the poker players, and then after 10 minutes Gran asks us if we would keeop an eye on gorgeous baby while she goes off to, presumably, find Mum. Emma and I both stunned, looked at each other, looked back at her and nodded. Then burst out laughing as soon as she left.

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Thursday, February 22

Work the Dinosaur

I think I am so clever with this post title.
Finally I got a job. Not just a job. But my dream job. One that comes around so rarely, I am still pinching myself. I can't belive my luck.
I am now Publicity Co-Ordinator for one of the biggest children's entertainment characters in the world. I applied for the assistant job by ringing the relevant offices last Friday. Went in for an interview a couple of hours later. The interview went so well - tool well!! Anyway, I sent through my resume on Saturday and had the call of my life on Sunday when my "boss" rang me to say that he was firing the Co-ordinator (who the assistant answers to) that he had hired the previous week if I was interested in taking on that role - he actually said my resume was very impressive and that they would certainky make room for me in the company. I was stoked, especially after the way that interview of a couple of weeks ago had gone with that silly recruitment women who had told me my CV was baseless and had no foundation. And to get a call like that on a hot Sunday night was even better!
So I met with the Marketing Director again, aswell as the 3 company directors on Monday, giving a short presentation I was asked to prepare...and was offered te job hours later, to begin the next day.
As of next Tuesday, I will begin a 5 month PR tour of Australia, 6 weeks ahead of the actual character performance tour. I will travel to 120 cities where I will conduct media appearances - tv, radio, print - in every city with the character, as well as "papering" the places I go with tour information. I literally get to traverse the entire Australian continent by car - I only fly in two instances and that is to Perth and Darwin, because the distances to these parts of Australia are too great. I finish this tour on the lst weekend of July, and then spend most of August doing the same thing throughout NZ.
To already be considered a valuable member of this small, close-knit team is a dream come true, and to have my past experience described by one of the company directors as fantastic was just phenomenal. The Directors are all well known accomplished performers/directors/producers in Australia in opera, stage shows as well as children's entertainment. It is great to have people believing in my ability once again. And in regards to the rest of the office I have really hit the jack pot - everyone is genuine and down to earth - what you see is what you get. And they all take great pride in their work, everyone cares, which makes the difference.
Walk the Dinosaur has taken on a literal meaning now.

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Wednesday, February 21

Where is the Logic in THAT??

I noticed when I ran onto the train this afternoon after work (yay work, I ave a job, but more about that later) that the young girl standing next to me had one leg. She started up conversation with me. Firstly she asked me if I knew if this was an express train or not, to which I replied that it was. It was her next line that floored me:
"Oh great because I ran so fast to make this train, I didn't get a chance to look at the monitor."
I almost asked how this was possible, as she was standing there on one leg leaning on her crutches. But I refrained.
She was very eager to keep the conversation going and I learned that she was beginning her first year of uni. Studying Architectual Engineering.
And Circus Arts.
Again without asking the bleeding obvious. I instead marvelled at how different each field of study was..
She then asked me if I liked gymnastics - to which I replied yes, and explained my history as a gymnast. I also learned that she too was an avid gymnast. Was and still is. I am fairly sure her "was" wasn't pertaining to any 'before when I had 2 legs' period of life, it just simply meant she was a keen gymnast as a child and still is.
She got off the train two stations before me.
All I wanted to do was scream out after her "For the love of God, how?????"


Saturday, February 17

White Heat

Too hot to do anything but lay by the pool today. Supposed to check out some Japanese DJ in the city tonight and go to a burlesque show in St Kilda but I.CANNOT.BE. FAGGED. So I will probably wind up at a mate's house in Richmond doing Jager shots under his air conditioning instead.
I hate jager.


Is that Carrie Sitting at the Next Table? No it's only Sarah Jessica Parker.

I recently picked up a new magazine, free streetpress, called 'Date', which was launched this month.

On the cover was something about some 20 something nothing who calls herself 'Date Girl - Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw.'

Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw? Please, you have got to be kidding. While I love Sex and the City as much as the next relationship-tortured girl, I loathe these constant comparisons and need for people to throw validity on what they do, in regards to their professional written work or careers, by claiming some authority from what is in fact a fictional television character. That's right, last time I checked - or saw for that matter - Carrie Bradshaw wasn't a real person.

It isn't only this Date mag, and I am sure it isn't just limited to Australia. I know The Age and Sydney Morning Herald feature a blog call 'Sam and the City', and tonnes of women profess to 'be' Carrie while saying they can easily identify the other characters offered up on the drama amongst their female friends.

Are we that starved for originality? Or is it more a result of a new culture emerging? In an age where reality television makes up a huge proportion of network programming with anything from Big Brother to Celebrity Dog Grooming, have the lines between fiction and non-fiction become so blurred that we just as easily now validate those who liken themselves to fictional characters such as Carrie Bradshaw rather than those really living amongst us?
Maybe I'm just jealous. Cause I know I could so rock a job like that. And I can so tell you who the Samanthas, Mirandas and Charlottes are amongst my friends.


Thursday, February 15

Round 4: Why Do People...?

"Why do most people lack common sense, is it because common sense is not as common as we thought and if that's the case, shouldn't it be called uncommon sense or something of that nature?" - Ben
Dear Ben,
Your question really has 2 parts to it.
Firstly, you are correct, common sense - logic if you will - is not as prevalent as the name suggests. Most people in the world strive to be at least common, or 'normal' - and let's face it, most people have hard time doing even that. 'Nuff said.
Moving on to the second part of query. If we were to call it 'uncommon sense' as such, I feel the fun would be taken out of 'making fun' of people as a direct result of their lack of common sense. It's always more satisfying to point out what qualities people lack, such as "He has no effing common sense", rather than what they do have "He is full of effing uncommon sense." (My choice of pronoun is no mistake either).
If you are left wondering why sometimes, drop me a line and I will endeavour to shed some light on the matter.
Love Auntie Kisses xo


Monday, February 12

My Hommage to 1984

The year George Orwell gave a lot of thought to.
The year of Ghostbusters, Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses at night and pineapples and fags doing the Agadoo.
The year I started school, got my ears pierced and lived in Germany for 3 months.
And the year 'The 22 Year Old' and Mr Ebay were born.
I swear hanging out with The 22 Year Old is like hanging out on campus again. It's great. We have a wicked time, both love music. He has given me jungle fever and I've introduced him to the world of dub.
As for Mr. Ebay, it's fully sik. Everything is sik. Mate. Well the mate is from me. But we've had a 'sik time textn 2 ea. otha.' Anyway, meeting up for dinner after I finish my Japanese class. Should be a laugh. Or a laff. Lol. Sik.
As M would say, what a great vintage!

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Saturday, February 10

Winners are Grinners

So I woke up yesterday and decided the only way I could get to Good Vibrations was by winning tickets. I am not kidding you, I woke up yesterday and said to myself "Today I will win tickets to Good Vibrations." And that is exactly what happened. I knew it was going to happen.
I got back from the gym and I thought to myself now there has to be some radio station giving tix away, turned on the radio, jump in the shower and the first thing I hear is 'And after 2pm comes the last chance to win a double pass to Good Vibrations tomorrow.'
So in the meantime I looked up cheap tickets on ebay. Tix were retailing for $106 and I managed to sort myself out one on ebay for $70. I arranged to meet the guy a few hours later in the city to pay and collect. The second I got off the phone from him, I realised it was 2.30 so I chuck the radio on in time to hear "Ring in when you hear the Beastie Boys new track", so I heard it, I called and the chick said "What are you calling for?" So I said "Good Vibe thingies." And then she asked me if I could get more excited and I said to her well it has been one of those days, I knew I was going to win. Called Mr Ebay dude back and apologised profusely but as he said "Well if you hadn't have first arranged a ticket with me, then you would not have won. " Murphy's Law - you either have too many or none at all.
So since all my friends had tickets already, I managed to sell the extra ticket for a very cheap $60 to a mate of a mate....I probably could have sold it for $150 since the event is sold out, but I was happy for anything to help fund my day.
And the best part about it all, me and Mr Ebay dude kept texting each other all night - turns out he is hilarious, and thinks I'm pretty funny as well. So we have arranged to meet up anyway. Hope he's hot. So hope he's hot.

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Friday, February 9

2 Many DJs, 2 Much Luv

On Wednesday night I had the absolute honor of interviewing Stephen from Soulwax/2 Many DJs. It was tres, tres, TRES cool. He was walking to hish house on a snowy Belgian chatting to me on his mobile, while I was sitting in my bathers at my laptop in my suburban bedroom. Actually I wasn't. Wednesday was quite cold here and I was almos as rugged up as he was but he wanted to hear how hot Australia is and how hot it still will be when they tour in March/April.
How is this for confusion? Soulwax is made up of 5 guys - 2 brothers Stephen and David Dewaele, as well as their mates Steven, Stefaan and Dave. 2 Many DJs is actually the 2 Dewaele brothers....you would ALL know it as 'As Heard on Radio Soulwax 2 Many DJs Part 2'. Anyway I was chatting to Stephen, the brother. More about this, I have to hit the gym now.

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Wednesday, February 7

The List Returns

Been a long time since you looked into my eyes, been a long time baby since you saw me cry... What I am trying to say is that it's been a long time since I did The List. For lack of creativity, here we have what's turning the motor this week:
1. Sneaky Sound System - Look 'em up and order their album off the 'Net if you are not in Oz. Saw them live when they supported Robbie Williams at the end of last year in Melbourne. Brilliant. Their lead singer Miss Connie hosts a video music clip show here in Oz but more importantly, not gay or nothin', but She. Is. So. Stunning. My sister and I could not take our eyes off her during their performance - she is very striking and has such a commanding presence on stage you cannot look away. Music is a throwback to electro retro as I call it. Very catchy. And so hoping to see them play along with Timo Maas, Beastie Boys and Snoop Dogg this weekend at Good Vibrations.
2. Cliff Trying to do a Kiwi Accent - Had a couple of interesting messgaes left on my phone the other night. Took a few playbacks to realise it was Cliff during his last night in Osaka doing his "Hoi Moy naaaime is Troii ind Oim From Nu Zillund." He said something about going fishing and eating sheep. Kudos Stiffy. Have a great flight back to the Big C.
3. Tim Tams - The new flavour Love Potions. Double chocolate and Raspberry. So good that because I am on a diet I limited myself to 2. Packets that is.
4. Mieko and Chie - They are coming to Oz next week! Tres excited about that one, will have to use some Frequent Flyer points and get back up to Sydney methinks. Fancy the Freeza sistas being reunited on southern shores so soon. No broken bones allowed.
5. Garlic & Chilli Prawns - Thanks for the memories Ben!
For all the ups, there are still a few things draining my battery:
1. Melbourne - Am allergic to this city, and not just on a snotty level. Not quite sure what I make of the move back yet, but I would say it is more negative than positive at the moment. I am trying to give it a chance before I do something drastic. Like move to Cairns.
2. Recruitment Biatches - Went into a recruitment/temp firm for an interview and to register my details. During the typing test, their systems failed. Twice. To which the consultant said I did something wrong. To which I said I did not, and to which the two receptionsits backed me up. Things went from bad to worse in her office when she said my experince overseas basically counts for nothing and my resume is baseless and has no foundation. She herself had spent 3 years in Japan and then began to patronise the whole Japanese experience, basically saying that she knows that the lifestyle in Japan is all too easy and way too much fun for anything I did to count towards anything here. Biatch.
3. Qantas - Australian's Premier Airline...my ass it is. So rude, so unfriendly, so un-Australian.
4. Some of My Closest Friends Living So Far Away - With all the skyping, msn-ing, emailing, texting and ringing, still doesn't count for having a drink face to face. Although Tam and I did drink a couple of coronas over MSN together a few weeks back.
5. Melbourne PT System - Japan truly spoiled me. ACtually no it didn't, public transport here has always sucked. Especially when you get a $158 fine for having your toes on the seat. I'm contesting that one.


Sunday, February 4

Thin Lizzie on the Comeback Trail

Yep that's right, Thin Lizzie is making a comeback. Not to be confused with Thin Lizzy, the Irish '70s cockrock band whose were famous for their big hit The Boys Are Back In Town and their big hair.
So yesterday I thought I would give the Fit Blitz class a whirl. With a name like that i was under no illusions and knew it would be hard - but not so hard that i thought I would die after a mere 10 minutes of full on huffy puffy. The class was perfect for somone like me who gets bored with exercise very easily as the activities would change every 5 or 10 minutes - from aerobics to skipping to running to crunches and curs, step, weights...and it was also good because I get very disillusioned with exercise when i feel it failing to take anything out of me - well no worry here, I was soaked from my own perspiration within about 2 minutes and managed to keep the sweat flow peaking for the remaining 58.
It has got to be said though, an hour of that with 35 or so other people made for one smelly room by the end. But I cant let that get in the way of Thin lizzie making an image revival.


Spinners are Winners

I got the chance to email well-known Melburnian and world class DJ Kasey Taylor for Inthemix, so the resulting interview is posted here. Seems like he has quite a sense of humour, which is great because there are defintely too many internationally acclaimed and big name DJs out there who take themselves way too seriously, and need to be taken down a peg or two. I am hoping to check out his gig next weekend in Melbourne. I have to say it could just be an Aussie thing too - all the Aussies I have interviewed have all had this attribute.
Anyway I think I will use this week to get onto my myspace page - transcribing all my past interviews, putting up all my publlished ones and even publishing some interiews onine that did not see the light of day for one reason or another - got a great one with Coldcut actually.

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Thursday, February 1

Nazi Boot Camp - Just Add Water

So I have joined a gym, in an effort to rid the excess Liz I picked up during my 'stay' in Japan.
Today I decided to give the Aqua class a try. Based on what I used to see at the Namba pools when I swam there, I fugred it would be gentle on the joints and easy on the huffy puffy.
Should have known better than to base my assumptions on what I observed in Japan, especially when applying them to the outside world. I never knew you could be so active in a pool - or that people actually use weights in the pool. The woman taking the class had obviously just pulled a huge rail. I can't exaplin her willingness to aqu-cize to tracks such as Steps' very annoying '5, 6, 7, 8...' at 9 in the morning any other way.
In any doubt, I passed out for 3 hours of deep sleep once I got home and now feel like I have been pulling wagons up Everest. Good thing I don't have a job to get in the way of any exercise I might do!