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Saturday, February 17

Is that Carrie Sitting at the Next Table? No it's only Sarah Jessica Parker.

I recently picked up a new magazine, free streetpress, called 'Date', which was launched this month.

On the cover was something about some 20 something nothing who calls herself 'Date Girl - Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw.'

Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw? Please, you have got to be kidding. While I love Sex and the City as much as the next relationship-tortured girl, I loathe these constant comparisons and need for people to throw validity on what they do, in regards to their professional written work or careers, by claiming some authority from what is in fact a fictional television character. That's right, last time I checked - or saw for that matter - Carrie Bradshaw wasn't a real person.

It isn't only this Date mag, and I am sure it isn't just limited to Australia. I know The Age and Sydney Morning Herald feature a blog call 'Sam and the City', and tonnes of women profess to 'be' Carrie while saying they can easily identify the other characters offered up on the drama amongst their female friends.

Are we that starved for originality? Or is it more a result of a new culture emerging? In an age where reality television makes up a huge proportion of network programming with anything from Big Brother to Celebrity Dog Grooming, have the lines between fiction and non-fiction become so blurred that we just as easily now validate those who liken themselves to fictional characters such as Carrie Bradshaw rather than those really living amongst us?
Maybe I'm just jealous. Cause I know I could so rock a job like that. And I can so tell you who the Samanthas, Mirandas and Charlottes are amongst my friends.



Anonymous tam said...

Maybe its just me, but you are sounding a little like "Carrie Bradshaw". Mind you, she is based on a real person. Seriously though I do agree with you, I've seen the Sam in the city thing. How about offering up something bright,new and shiny.

4:09 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

True, Candice Bushnell is Carrie Bradshaw (she didn't even change the initials, but she doesn't have to, she created her!). Still I would prefer to see "Australia's answer to Candice Bushnell" than I would "Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw".

7:42 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

hmmm and now that magazine wants me to submit some work to them with the aim of writing for them on a freelance basis....yippee yi yo.

3:19 pm


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