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Sunday, February 4

Thin Lizzie on the Comeback Trail

Yep that's right, Thin Lizzie is making a comeback. Not to be confused with Thin Lizzy, the Irish '70s cockrock band whose were famous for their big hit The Boys Are Back In Town and their big hair.
So yesterday I thought I would give the Fit Blitz class a whirl. With a name like that i was under no illusions and knew it would be hard - but not so hard that i thought I would die after a mere 10 minutes of full on huffy puffy. The class was perfect for somone like me who gets bored with exercise very easily as the activities would change every 5 or 10 minutes - from aerobics to skipping to running to crunches and curs, step, weights...and it was also good because I get very disillusioned with exercise when i feel it failing to take anything out of me - well no worry here, I was soaked from my own perspiration within about 2 minutes and managed to keep the sweat flow peaking for the remaining 58.
It has got to be said though, an hour of that with 35 or so other people made for one smelly room by the end. But I cant let that get in the way of Thin lizzie making an image revival.



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