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Wednesday, February 21

Where is the Logic in THAT??

I noticed when I ran onto the train this afternoon after work (yay work, I ave a job, but more about that later) that the young girl standing next to me had one leg. She started up conversation with me. Firstly she asked me if I knew if this was an express train or not, to which I replied that it was. It was her next line that floored me:
"Oh great because I ran so fast to make this train, I didn't get a chance to look at the monitor."
I almost asked how this was possible, as she was standing there on one leg leaning on her crutches. But I refrained.
She was very eager to keep the conversation going and I learned that she was beginning her first year of uni. Studying Architectual Engineering.
And Circus Arts.
Again without asking the bleeding obvious. I instead marvelled at how different each field of study was..
She then asked me if I liked gymnastics - to which I replied yes, and explained my history as a gymnast. I also learned that she too was an avid gymnast. Was and still is. I am fairly sure her "was" wasn't pertaining to any 'before when I had 2 legs' period of life, it just simply meant she was a keen gymnast as a child and still is.
She got off the train two stations before me.
All I wanted to do was scream out after her "For the love of God, how?????"



Anonymous mrm said...

She sounds amazing. You could have asked what area of gymnastics was her favourite.

8:43 pm


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