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Saturday, February 10

Winners are Grinners

So I woke up yesterday and decided the only way I could get to Good Vibrations was by winning tickets. I am not kidding you, I woke up yesterday and said to myself "Today I will win tickets to Good Vibrations." And that is exactly what happened. I knew it was going to happen.
I got back from the gym and I thought to myself now there has to be some radio station giving tix away, turned on the radio, jump in the shower and the first thing I hear is 'And after 2pm comes the last chance to win a double pass to Good Vibrations tomorrow.'
So in the meantime I looked up cheap tickets on ebay. Tix were retailing for $106 and I managed to sort myself out one on ebay for $70. I arranged to meet the guy a few hours later in the city to pay and collect. The second I got off the phone from him, I realised it was 2.30 so I chuck the radio on in time to hear "Ring in when you hear the Beastie Boys new track", so I heard it, I called and the chick said "What are you calling for?" So I said "Good Vibe thingies." And then she asked me if I could get more excited and I said to her well it has been one of those days, I knew I was going to win. Called Mr Ebay dude back and apologised profusely but as he said "Well if you hadn't have first arranged a ticket with me, then you would not have won. " Murphy's Law - you either have too many or none at all.
So since all my friends had tickets already, I managed to sell the extra ticket for a very cheap $60 to a mate of a mate....I probably could have sold it for $150 since the event is sold out, but I was happy for anything to help fund my day.
And the best part about it all, me and Mr Ebay dude kept texting each other all night - turns out he is hilarious, and thinks I'm pretty funny as well. So we have arranged to meet up anyway. Hope he's hot. So hope he's hot.

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