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Thursday, February 22

Work the Dinosaur

I think I am so clever with this post title.
Finally I got a job. Not just a job. But my dream job. One that comes around so rarely, I am still pinching myself. I can't belive my luck.
I am now Publicity Co-Ordinator for one of the biggest children's entertainment characters in the world. I applied for the assistant job by ringing the relevant offices last Friday. Went in for an interview a couple of hours later. The interview went so well - tool well!! Anyway, I sent through my resume on Saturday and had the call of my life on Sunday when my "boss" rang me to say that he was firing the Co-ordinator (who the assistant answers to) that he had hired the previous week if I was interested in taking on that role - he actually said my resume was very impressive and that they would certainky make room for me in the company. I was stoked, especially after the way that interview of a couple of weeks ago had gone with that silly recruitment women who had told me my CV was baseless and had no foundation. And to get a call like that on a hot Sunday night was even better!
So I met with the Marketing Director again, aswell as the 3 company directors on Monday, giving a short presentation I was asked to prepare...and was offered te job hours later, to begin the next day.
As of next Tuesday, I will begin a 5 month PR tour of Australia, 6 weeks ahead of the actual character performance tour. I will travel to 120 cities where I will conduct media appearances - tv, radio, print - in every city with the character, as well as "papering" the places I go with tour information. I literally get to traverse the entire Australian continent by car - I only fly in two instances and that is to Perth and Darwin, because the distances to these parts of Australia are too great. I finish this tour on the lst weekend of July, and then spend most of August doing the same thing throughout NZ.
To already be considered a valuable member of this small, close-knit team is a dream come true, and to have my past experience described by one of the company directors as fantastic was just phenomenal. The Directors are all well known accomplished performers/directors/producers in Australia in opera, stage shows as well as children's entertainment. It is great to have people believing in my ability once again. And in regards to the rest of the office I have really hit the jack pot - everyone is genuine and down to earth - what you see is what you get. And they all take great pride in their work, everyone cares, which makes the difference.
Walk the Dinosaur has taken on a literal meaning now.

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Anonymous mrm said...

Hmm - I think the lead-up to the fateful phonecall is also an interesting story!

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