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Wednesday, February 28

WTD #2: A Day in the Life of Sydney Driving

Driving around Syd-o-nee is a nightmare. This is why:
- throughout most of the city, you cannot do a right hand turn. Which is why when we simply had to drive 2 streets to the right after our media appearance we ended up driving 75km in the wrong direction before arriving at the performance venue. No shit. 75 km. In a traffic jam. Because the heavens had opened up, caused a flashflood and a horrendous accident on the "stretch" of road we happened to not be able to do any right hand turns from. And the first opportunity came in the form of an exit off to the left - which came 75 kms too late.
- often the street signs for the major roads and highways appear on the otherside of the intersection you actually need to turn down. Or exactly on the exit. No slip lanes, no warning. Just do it.
- Sydney drivers are extremely aggressive. They all drive up your ass, weave in and out of lanes and never let you in. I think they all must be male.
- The tolls. Had the funniest moment when we had to pay a toll so I drove up to the window to pay. Sat there for 5 minutes wondering why the attendant wasn't opening their window. And also wondered why the windows were really tinted. And locked. So we sat. And waited. Turns out you had to pay via a machine. A machine that sat a good 10 metres behind us. Again no warning of what to do and where to do it. I had two choices: make the increasing line of cars behind me back up. Or get out in the pelting, flash flood causing rain amidst the thunder and lightning. And as I said, pelting rain. You do the math and guess what I did.
- Em and knew we had consumed too much sugar (go the lollies) when we sat there singing out hearts out to The Lightning Seeds' Football's Coming Home. Something was taking over and we both got a bit silly. Then I realised we had bought sugarless lollies.
Driving around here is driving us mad.

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Anonymous mrm said...

Welcome to the nightmare. Dad and I learnt to take a 'circular' approach - never expect to get where you want directly. Take a left anywhere in the opposite direction of where you need to go and keep driving around in ever diminishing circles and somehow you suddenly find the street you want.

6:32 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Note: Today in Chatswood we found a place you cna't even do left hand turns in!

8:50 pm


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