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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Tuesday, March 6

WTD #4: Koalas & The Weekender

Why Did the Koala Fall Out of The Tree?
Remember those jokes? Now I know the answer for real.
Firstly, it was Wildlife World in the morning, which meant not just Dorothy but all of her Dance Party friends. Wags the Dog, Captain Feathersword and Henry the Ocotpus. All went really well bar a couple of things.
"Wags" could not keep his hands to himself. A bit to touchy feely for a young man in a suit. All that kept running through my mind was the Late Show skit about Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear. That and the parking for about 2 hours cost $44. Yes $44. I said that we had got the car in the lot in time for the Early Bird Special. I was then told that only applies if we kept the car in the lot for another 3 hours.
Had photos with all the characters in the koala enclosure. Some of the koalas got a bit freaked out, which was quite a sight as koalas are usually quite docile and dopey in nature due to the toxicity of the euclapytus leaves they munch on, which keeps them slightly and permanently innebraited. Who ever thought I would say "I think the koala spazzed out when the Dinosaur walked in. The purple octuspus didn't help much either." Who ever knew koalas could fly between the trees.
I hosted the entire afternoon appearance for the first time this trip. Was a lot of fun, although 3 year olds can prove to be a tough crowd...
Finished up in Balmain having more than a few beers with Em laughing at the girls next to us dressed up like The Blakely Twins circa Neighbours 1988. Apparently Balmain is a classy part of town. The TAB wasn't.
The Weekender
Caught up with Andy, he of the broken arm, and we went up to his beach house in Avoca. He had his cast removed a week earlier and so we spent pretty much the entire time in the surf and sun. His house literally fronts right onto the beach. So we sat on the deck chairs, drinking copious amounts of wine, watching the public in front of us struggling with sand issues. I hate sand, so it was doubly enjoyable for me.

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