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Tuesday, March 6

WTD #5 & #6 - Manic Monday & Spanish Harlem

Manic Monday
Started off with some great news. I made the cover of the Manly Daily newspaper on Saturday. Along with the dinosaur of course! And i also made it into the photo in the article...
My assistant - who would believe it? I have an assistant! - flew up today. Meg. She is great and loves all my music, so I think it will all be sweet. Had to drive out to Penrith and then Seven Hills. It was Luke's last day, with the reigns officially being handed over to me. Look out world.
Seriously, was a great day with the 4 of us on the road. Meg will be taking over from Em, who leaves us on Thursday night and Luke was able to give me some last minute pointers. Out in Seven Hills Luke and I did a short interview for the local paper. Since the dino can't talk I speak on her behalf. You would be surprised at how wrapped up the adults - parents and teachers - get with it all. It is great, everybody gets a little starstruck when Dorothy makes her debut and the kids reactions really are just priceless. It is great when the reporter and photographer are as enthusiastic about the whole piece as they were during the afternoon appearance.
Poor Meg has really come into it hitting the ground running. She was up at 4am, arriving in Sydney by 7, and then trying out the Dorothy costume a few hours after that! But we have all come into it via a baptism of fire really - and I think for what we are doing it is by far the best way to get into it. She has a great attitude though, a recent PR grad, and is very eager to do and learn.
Spanish Harlem
I felt like today, well this morning, we were doing one of those special Sesame Streets episodes where they all speak Spanish and have Linda Ronstadt come in and belt out Bessame Mucho.
I stepped out of the car to be greeted by a Hola! cómo es usted? And I don't know if it was MexiMaria or MexIvan's influence or what but I answered "buenas gracias" and then I stopped. And the director of the centre actually thought I was Spanish - and continued on. It became very clear to me that English was a second language in this particular area! It took nearly the whole appearance time to convince the Director I wasn't Spanish and that I could not speak anything else, but she was not deterred and pressed on anyway, introducing me to everyone in Spanish - kids included. So when I took centre stage in my mother tongue, the kids were a little confused. I wondered on earth how this could have happened. Apparently the day we contacted them was the one day their Aussie girl works....and she didn't think to tell us otherwise!
But as soon as Dot came out, and the music came on, it didn't matter. Today proved to me that love certainly transends all languages, particularly when it arrives in the form of a big green dino.

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Anonymous mrm said...

'Reins' and 'trancends', if you please. Sorry, can't help myself. It's the inherent proofreader in me.

7:54 pm

Anonymous mrm said...

Ooops! Didn't see that 'transcending' typo!

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