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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Sunday, March 11

WTD #7 - #9: JoeTrip, Power Ballads and Fannys

Part 1 - Vote JoeTrip
Door to Door: Sydney to Newcastle via Tuggerah and Wyong on the Central Coast
Distance Covered: 167km plus about an extra 50 km of running around.
All Aboard: Em, Megs and moi.
Time: Since we had to do a drive by the 3 store on George Street right in the CBD, the day was a long one. Only one media appearance, which was in Wyong and was Meg's Dotti debut. By the time we got into Newcastle, we were all fairly tired.
Out and About: Not much in Tuggerah. Andy was right about that. Em said we had to name the car so settling on JoeTrip seemed to make sense. The name is woggy for something, coming from a poster advertising candidates for the upcoing state election here in New South Wales. We were a little hesitant when looking for our accom in the suburb of Islington. The area looked less than...nice. As we looked for the apartments we had booked, we said if it was dodgy we'd up and go. Lo and behold amongst all the crap, rose our apartment block. Very new, very clean and very lovely! Had a lovely dinner in Darby Street for Em's last night.
Bizarre Moment: The return of the Power Ballad - Meg has this great CD called Power Ballads and it is full of Power Ballads. Cher got on board with us for a while and we drove around Newcastle after dinner literally rocking the streets of Newcastle. Windows down, music up full and voices at capacity. The men manning the evening roadworks along the harbour got into it with us as we stopped at a redlight. Roadsigns became microphones and everyone had their hands in the air. All we needed was a shit, cannon and some gaffa tape and I believe we all could have "Turned Back Time" and recreated that Cher moment for real. We sat by the bay for a while having a moment with Richard Marx, with random people joining in. Newcastle was embacing us. Heading home, we were saying how funny it would be if the apartment next to us had 3 hot surfers in it. Well it did. Except they looked barely 18 years old. Which explains why they were pushing notes underneath the door our apartments shared, nor did it stop them knocking on our door all night. Also got RBT'd on the way home. I was tested a new way - instead of blowing, the coppers hold something up to your mouth and you count from 1 to 10. I had only consumed 3 drinks so was totally fine.

Maitland Mania - Okay by now my memory of even just a week ago is getting a little hazy. Maitland was eerily quiet, apart from a woman in a wheelchair singing tunes in the town mall. Again, it wa sjust the one media appearance today, and Em departed us from Newcastle airport. I also finally let Meg take the wheel, something I was nervous about seeing as she is still on her P-plates. But she took everything I had to say on board and understood why I had to say it. Again we invited Cher on board fpr the tip out to the airport. I also got some great news via the wireless (wireless internet that is). That mag I had kind of ripped into ("Date") for having "Australia's answer to Carrie Bradshaw" on board offered me a monthly column beginning with their March edition. 700-900 words. Look out world. So for those of you in Melbs, it is a free streetpress mag, available from most places you would find Beat or Inpress. They are also on the Internet but have forgotten the site. In honour of this, Megs and I decided to go back to the Irish pub in Newcastle, drink coronas and mix with the locals. The locals from Sydney that is. Had the funniest conversation with 2 young lads who decided to invite us to their beach party - apparently it was just going to be the 4 of us - before settling for a signed Dorotht poster instead.

Dead Tired - Friday saw us visit Singleton and Muswellbrook. But don't let the W in MusWellbrook fool you. It is silent as I learned the hard wayz. Some ladies in a shop got really narky with me for daring to pronounce the W, declaring it was obvious I wasn't from around there. And happily so I added. Megs and I did really well on a first solo day together. (Solo and together in the same sentence? You know what I mean). By our t-shirts and bagfs, it is obvious we representing a particular Kids brand - and a very famous one at that - so we get a lot of attention while we are out and about from everyone. It certainly helps that this brand is loaved across the board. By the time we arrived back in Newcastle, we pretty much collapsed right away, and didn't wake up for 12 hours. Dead tired, dead happy.
The Weekender
Let me say, Saturday was awesome. I drove us up to Nelson Bay in Port Stephens where we both had a massage and pedicure. Totally and utterly divine. We also packed a lunch, bought a heap of useless souveniers and had our lunch on the rocky outcrop on One Mile Beach. From One Mile Beach, we could see the start of the expansive sand dunes. Photos to come but the view took our breath away. We got back in the car and drove to the dunes and spent about an hour walking in them and snapping away. The dunes stretch almost all the way back to Newcaslte (to Stockton), which was nearly an hour drive away. We were waiting for the camels and Arabs, it was just what I imagined the Sahara to be like, minus the big ocean it came out of. We got back to the apartment to find a bottle of champers and choccies waiting for us from the office back in Melbourne - so lovely. It was about this time, I realised that the women walking around the streets in our area were in fact prositutes, much to Meg's shock and horror. We were going to go for a walk but that changed our minds and another bottle of wine later we grabbed a cab into town. The cabbie quickly informed us that Islington was THE place in Newcaslte to pick up pros. We went back to the same bayfront bar/club we went to on Wednesday night. I am not kidding you, once people found out what our job was, we had boys flocking to our tables and getting in queue to talk. I now know how to never be short of make attention. All of what happened on SAt night made perfect fodder for my new column, and I was mentally taking notes all night. Megs and I ended up spending most of our time with some really funny British blokes who were up from Sydney on a bucks night. They couldn't quite get their heads around the dinosaur thing. After the amount of tequila we drank, neither could me and Meg! Needless to say the drive to Tamwortth - or should I say Ghostworth - was a hard one the next day. A 3hour leisurely drive turned into 6 hours of hell, as well as some I Spy and "What am I thinking of?" kind of games. It even resulted in a stop in the carpark outside one of the pre-schools we had visited to nap for an hour in the car. Tamworth was quite the disappointment. Beautiful and scenic was the surrounding country, and we were so sure we would meet some cowboys. But upon checking in to our very strange motel (it was actually a medical centre, very veyr bizarre), we decided to get a lovely pubmeal....only to learn cowboys obviously don't go to the pub on Sundays because they were all closed.

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I cant believe you had the council workers singing power ballads... especially in Newcastle... Funny as... you need to write a book chick...

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