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Back in the Day: I had a quarter life crisis, headed to Osaka, Japan for the unknown–only to discover that a passport plane ride are not necessarily a ticket to escape. Some Years Later: Settled back in Oz, the man of my dreams ended up in Tokyo for work–which is how a passport and plane ride showed me home is where the heart is. And Now: Well as luck would have it, we are about to embark on Japan Mark 3, with a baby in tow and another on the way...

Thursday, March 15

WTD#10 - 13: Difficult Days

Mon: Tamworth - Armidale - Glen Innes
The girls at the motel we stayed at were 3 and 5 and very excited to think Dorothy was in their midst. We told them she was staying in another motel. Didn't have the heart to point out the big red body bag in the back of our van...
Tue: Glen Innes - Inverell - Moree - Narrabri
Moree is awful. Bars on the windows, dirty-ish streets and a very tired feeling to it all. Lock your cars and take everything with you because this is the city it will get broken into and/or stolen. We took everything of importance with us and actually hoped the Kia would get stolen. No such luck. I said we should have taken the dinosaur too - that just probably freaked people out. I also had some very "lovely" indigenous locals tell me they had something that wiggles for me. I very politely told them "That's what they all say." The kids at our Moree appearance were a little....shocked (sooky was a word someone else said). The local paper asked me for a quote about the day and the only thing running through my head was the sooky that had been uttered in my ear moments before. Thank god I managed to mumble something about the kids being utterly in awe of meeting Dot in real life.
Wed: Narrabri - Gunnedah - Mudgee
Had a radio interview with the local Narrabri sttaion. Was very amusing because no matter how many times I explained that I am Liz Dorothy's special friend and not the dinosaur herself, the host could not get it right. In the end she asked to pretend to be the dino - something very against the rules and when I declined she said "I guess Liz will have to do." This morning I also had another "pleasant" experience with an indigenous local. He told me I was neat and pretty and how he would like to see me wiggle. Again I politely laughed and told him to take a number. I then crossed the street, grabbed Meg and got the hell out of Narrabri. Today was a funny day of driving, it was my day on. The roads really started to deteriorate. Freeways quickly became lanes barely 1 1/2 cars wide with terrible potholes and no lines. Fun for when roadtrains were coming the other way!! Lots of gravelly patches. But we had a funny experience when I realised we had no petrol and had to make an emergency stop in Tambar Springs. Population 103. And we learned it was "The Place Where Dinosaurs Once Roamed" and then quickly died out of boredom I speculated. Fuel was about $1.50 a litre out here and entire township was made up of a pub and a general store. The lady at the general store got quite cranky when I wanted to pay by credit card as she had closed off for the day. I said well unless money grows on a tree out here, you are going to have to ring it through. Love. As we passed through the local pub in Coolan (pop. 1000), I asked Meg if she would indulge me and stop and have a beer a this random pub in the middle of nowhere. So we stop and walk in....to a room full of men who had just knocked off for the day. All eyes were on us. This seems to happen in any pub we walk into. Always full of real Blokey blokes, drinking beers, watching the footy, in their boots, cowboy hats and wife-beaters. It happened last night again in Budgee Mudgee (which I have nicknamed the mud capital of Oz) when we went for our bi-weekly chicken parma and no doubt it will happen again tonight when we hit the Dubbo local...
Thur: Mudgee - Dubbo
Let's just NSW roads are terrible. Really bad. We arrived about 10 minutes later at the scene of a head on crash. A young guy rounding a corner too fast ended up on the wrong side of the road and hit an elderly lady who had to be airlifted. Her prognosis wasn't good. He had smashed the entire left siude of his body to pieces. It was a huge reality check since we have done so much driving (already over 5000km in little over 2 weeks) with so much more ahead of us. Got to Dubbo "Home of Australia's Beat Meat Pies". Such a slogan proved too tempting and we had ourselves a pretty decent pie. Will be coming back here on Saturday to go to the zoo here.
In summary. NSW roads really do suck. And also we have being getting a little narky with each other, not necessarily because of anything major. Tuesday was probably the worst of it and a little bit yesterday but other than that we have been good. It is funny, as I remember having the same kinds of reactions and attitude and responses as Meg does now when I was her age. Does that mean I have matured?? Probably not. My parents picked up our puppy Harry yesterday so I am looking forward to meeting him when I get home at the end of next week.

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Anonymous Tam said...

Being in the car for long periods of time with someone you've only just met is a big ask of any one. Also the places you've been visiting lately aren't all that great. It will get better again once you hit a bigger town. perhaps you'll by using your single room on Sat nights more often? Take care of yourself and I'll see you next week. xx

7:24 pm


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