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Sunday, May 13

WTD 20 - 21: The Spirit of Taswegia

The Lead Up:
The weekend came to an end with me boarding the Spirit of Tasmania bound for Devonport, Tasmania. After my Saturday, spent semi-strandard on Williamstown Bay with a pirate and crew on board a yacht that had been refuelled with the incorrect petrol, while Tam waited for me onshore, I was none too thrilled about this Bon Voyage.
So drove the van onto the ship, met up with Megs on deck and started to drink the night away. After 5 coronas I was ready for bed but Megsta stayed out on deck after a surprise bumping into of an old friend she knew from her childhood Summer holidays.
The coronas combined with rough seas made for difficult sleeping and when our 5am wake up call came through I was not refreshed and neither was my assistant.
WTD 20: Devonport Drowsiness
Problem was we disembarked around 6 or 7 am, and didn't have anything to do in Devonport until 2 or 3 pm. Since we were spending the night in Launceston we couldn't even check in anywhere and freshen up. All I wanted was a shower. We walked around the main street of Devonport a little bit but were so fatigued that we couldn't see straight.
After learning that Launceston was just under an hour's drive away, I called our accommodation and asked them if they would VERY kindly allow us to check in....5 hours early. They said yes, understanding that we were fresh off the boat, and off to Launceston we went.
Our digs were beautiful. Victorian styled quarters, consisting of 6 apartments. We were on the first storey, and the interior was wonderful. Drapes, poster beds, love seats, all very Jane Austen or something. Anyway, I promptly fell asleep and was out like a light for the next few hours, until we had to drive back to Devonport and fulfill our work commitments. The appearance was....rowdy to say the least. Held in some sort of gymnastics stadium, there was well over 100 people there of all ages. By far our biggest appearance.
We lumbered back to Launceston and enjoyed the fact we had a huge kitchen full of modern appliances with me cooking a red curry. Scrumptious. Took in the views from our balcony - Launceston is so pretty, very quaint and very fresh - the air felt so lovely to breathe in and we watched the sky blend into various shades of blue until it darkened completely, as the starts appear one by one. It was extraordinary. Felt so cosy and warm in that apartment, being in Tassie it was fairly cool, but it was lovely.
Slept so well that night.
WTD 21: Launceston Love
Today by far was one of the most rewarding days. Even now in real time, it still is. Our venue for the media appearance was actually at a school for students with special needs. A news crew from Southern Cross turned up too, with a tres cute reporter. That aside though, the way these kids responded to us was nothing short of love-fuelled and amazing. The energy they put out there had me and the dino bouncing off the walls. We met everyone individually and did some dances with them. One boy Ashely almost barrelled the green dino over, but he almost took her out out of such love and excitement, it was so good to be a part of.
Afterwards, we finished up our work in Launceston and departed for Hobart, listening to a remix of Beatles songs, as wel as some Crowded House, along the way. Singing away, it was such a scenic drive. I've not travelled to the UK yet, but the Tasmanian countryside is just how I imagine the English countryside to be. In one way it is sad that our settlers did their best to make this naturally diverse country much like their own, in another light it is absolutely fascinating. In Tasmania, they succeeded (and in doing so very terribly and cruelly wiped out every single Aborigine on the island).
TBC: A Night At Wrest Point Casino, The Aftermath, More TV crews, Coming Face to Face with Taswegian Inbreeding and Another Boat Ride...

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