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Monday, May 21

WTD 22 - 23 Tasman Tales n Terror

WTD 21 (Cont) & 22: Holy Hobart Batman
Stayed in an apartment/motel on the 'other' side of the Hobart bay, which was very homely and lovely. As it turned out, Meg's friend was also staying around the corner from us. This was most definitely not co-incidental on his behalf. I think he was keen to re-ignite a certain flame.
So we drove to Hobart the day before (on WTD 21), listening to Crowded House and The Beatles pretty much non-stop. Was a lovely drive, and got settled in our digs. This meant watching the news as we were on TV again on Southern Cross. Let me tell you the reporter was hot. He even gave me his number. Even if it was just so I could check on some details regarding the story and get back to him with the relevant info. So there we were, Dino, me and our friend Ashley hamming it up for the cameras. The story was great, the reporter (Chris) even included all the extra info I asked him too including tour dates and cities. I mean any publicity is good publicity but PR like that is priceless, especially when it comes for free. So big tick for a great day.
This meant Megsy and I were very interested in the suggestion of her friend to have a few drinks. So we went to the local, played some pool (I lost it for us by potting the black). I had driven, so we were expecting to keep it low key. I should know me well enough by now that low key can get blown out pretty quickly.
Off we dropped the car, and taxied it to Wrest Point, Hobart's very own Gambler's Delight. The Casino. One cocktail fast became around half a dozen each and had us accosting the piano bar and dancing away to such crowd pleasers as Elton John's Your Song and Billy Joel's Piano Man. Our Piano Man even confessed to us he used to be in a cover band that used to do a rendition of the Wiggles that was anything but G-rated. So he sang that for us and had us blushing. Megsy and I had the whole bar entertained. There were a couple of guy's up from Launceston, 3 Virgin Blue Flight attendants (all very good looking, all so gay I am sure) and some older dude who kept wanting to use my hand cream. Slightly disturbing.
We made it home well past our bed time and well past the point of justifuably happy. Here here.
To say the next day was a struggle is putting it mildly. When I drink copious amounts, I have a tendency to not be able to sleep more than 3 hours. Socome 5am, I was wide awake praying for death. I decided to sit in the bath tub for an hour - was pretty sure I would drown. May have even been hoping for it. So by the time appearance time rolled around, wel put it this way: We were there, suited up appropriately and then every last ounce of energy went into making sure this went right. It was an unsual appearance as it was outdoors and part of a special day for the kids. And the News cameras turned up. Naturally. We did the dances, did the right moves and got out of there. We did the other stuff we had to do but by midday, I had to make an executive decision and call the rest of the day to a halt.
So I slept for the next 3 hours until Meg woke me adamant we were going to do some sight seeing.
Off to Richmond we drove, site of Australia's oldest bridge. The sun was setting and we took a lovely walk through the cemetary where I got some fantastic shots of the sun setting behind the tomb stones. Looked like God has taken them himself. Got back in time to catch us on the news. I didn't look bad at all but...I didn't look like me. As for Meg, she got to hide away in the suit!! Crawled into bed that night, so glad the day was over. Decided not to drink for a whole month (until Anzac Day) and we also made a pact never to drink on a school night again. Until the next time...
WTD 23: Happening Hobat - Whatever
Started the day at the northern end of Hobart thinking we didn't have to be anywhere til midday. This turned out to be wrong. Was actually 10 am. Not our fault but a miscommunication from the people holding the appearance. To say I was pissed off was an understatement. Not with Meg or our office, but with the kinder people. They kept insinuating that we had slept in and missed it (comments like "I mean it isn't like you girls have to put make up on if you are wearing a costume, I kept wondering what was taking you so long). I kept gently explaining the situation to them and what had really happened. At the end, another comment was said and I had had enough. I told them what was what, explaining all the problems we had from their end all week, as well as a constant stream of incorrect information given from their offices and our inability to be able to contact them andtheir inability to return urgent messages....she finally got the picture.
We finished up and decided to head off to Burnie, back on the northern coast of Tas. We left Hobart around 2ish expecting to be in Burnie 3 hours later. We would have had we have stuck to Highway 1. ...


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