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Tuesday, July 14

Space Utilisation

The Japanese deserve the Nobel Prize award for displaying excellence, genius and a genuine willingness towards outstanding space utilisation techniques.

Ok so the below is not an example of a capsule hotel or anything like that, but an example of how a disused area of land becomes alive on a sunny weekend.

This vacant lot is on the side of a disused road, which was the former border of the original shoreline (as I have said earlier, Shin-U is all reclaimed land). On one side of the road, that would be behind me as the photographer, you have the old, concrete barrier lining the length of the road. And on this side, on the grassy knoll, you can see cyclists, people walking their dogs, a grandma and her grandson looking for tadpoles and insects (to the left of the photo) and there was a father and son kicking a ball too.

Back home, this land would be left as is. Vacant, unfriendly, and a total wasteland.

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Blogger cambosis said...

back home that land would fenced off and patrolled by security to stop people looking for tadpoles!

6:48 pm


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