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Wednesday, August 12

Gripe of the Day

Why is it that Japanese bus drivers turn off the engine at every red light? Do they not know it burns up more fuel turning the engine on and off in quick successions like that?

Shin-U is notoriously bad for this. In my whole time here, I have only ever had 1 bus driver who doesn't do this. I bet there is a reason I have only seen him once. Some other bus driver probably got wind of this harlequin driver and got him kicked off the fleet. Now he can only get by bussing in derelict areas full of gaijin (foreigners) like Roppongi.

Bring back Yoshio!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know one cardriver in Germany who does this too!

7:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure it uses more fuel? I don't think so. Of course it depends on the engine.

An interesting read: http://triangleairawareness.org/?p=228

10:28 am

Anonymous ben said...

the bigger the car the engine the less the value in dropping out of idle, in terms of the break even point a bus would have to stop a minimum of 3-5 min which at lights they would not. Also the wear and tear of the engine and need for replacement parts that continious stopping and starting causes would cause much greater environmental damage by the resources needed to replace the parts.

11:06 am


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