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Friday, September 18

Doll Collecting.

Gentlemen. If you don't quite have the social skills to get yourself a lady, what better way to get your rocks off than with a doll? I should be more specific. You are probably thinking I am referring to Real Dolls. Of course I am....not. I am referring to plastic model dolls, ranging anywhere from 5 cm to 30 or 40 cm in height. Please peruse the selection I photographed in Akihabara this week.

Who knew dolls on toilets were in demand?

Posing is quite the artform.

Wow - that is some high kick.

Visual Merchandising at its best. The Disney dolls put in the same cabinet as some of the erotica.

You can also see that there is tape placed strategically over particular parts of the body, but the over-proportioned boobies are allowed to sit out there for all the world to see.

There were also parts of the store dedicated to making your own model doll up, tape and all.

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Blogger Alex said...

Wrong, wrong, wrong... ha ha

5:44 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

But very entertaining!

4:40 pm


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