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Wednesday, November 25

Legs Eleven

I chanced across this item in the Itoyokado sports store earlier this week.

As I understand it, if I wear my tiniest shorts and then put my legs in traction/calipers/ a brace, I will be relaxed, be an "elegant model", and, above all, have "air leg beauty." The mind boggles. Even the shop was confused as to where to place it - it was up the back of the shop with the Swiss balls, yoga mats and hula hoops.

Somehow, I still want it.

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Anonymous bel said...

Is it a massage thing? I thought there were some kind of cables or cord in one of the pics.

3:04 pm

Blogger clubcliff said...

you should definitely get it. I have air ass beauty and it works like a charm

5:28 pm


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