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Monday, November 16

Illogical Logic

Japanese logic at its best.

I took a suit in to be dry cleaned on November 1 and was told it would not come back until November 19. Without thinking I said this would be fine.

2 days later, I went back to the same dry cleaners with a winter coat and with a question about the suit. This is where the problems started.

I realised the suit was needed by November 15. I asked if I could get the suit back earlier (mind you, this was November 3 now....with 2 weeks left until the date I needed the suit). I was told I could not. I asked if suits were cleaned on site. They were not. I asked if they could call the place where the place where the cleaning took place to get the suit back earlier. They could not. So I resigned myself to the fact that _i could not get it back and that obviously I need to find a dry cleaner with a much quicker turn around!

I then handed over the winter coat that needed cleaning. The date they gave me for collection? November 9....

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Anonymous mum said...

Okay...maybe the suits and coats go to different places...maybe because a suit consists of two items it takes twice as long...

11:32 am

Blogger batman said...

no logic is best logic in japan... reminds me of when they bought out the 'mega mac' at mcdonalds. i really wanted one as you can imagine. 4 beef patties, 3 buns, all that cheese, and not to mention the extra dose of magic sauce and lettuce. basically 2 big mac's fused with genius. however, on my arrival to my local j-maccas i was told they had sold out. i asked if they had any big macs left. they said yes. and whats the difference between a mega mac and big mac? nothing, same ingredients. then why can't i have a mega mac? because we are sold out. but i can have a big mac. yes, we have those. and on we went round and round with the jedi mind tricks. eventually they wore me down. i ordered 2 big macs and said i'd build it myself.

5:16 pm


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