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Monday, November 23

The Rogue Apostrophe

This is for mum. The following was taken in Shibuya, right near Tower Records.

It is supposed to be:
a) Who's Food's (as it stands)?
b) Whose Foods?
c) Who is? Food is!?

The rogue apostrophe is a common problem in Japan - and amongst most native English speakers!

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Anonymous bel said...

I'm so pleased you know how to use it properly, Lizzie! Be on your guard that they don't creep into your articles through osmosis - has even happened to me!

3:27 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Yes....same with their and there for me. I know how to use them but I re-read my work and suddenly think what is that doing their... I mean there?!

3:42 pm

Anonymous greentea_lover said...

The name is so confusing. But as Japanese, I can sort of understand why they name it. hahaha

I looked up the website of the restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is "Who made delicious food around the world, and for whom?"

So the answer is (b) ?

10:32 pm

Blogger Gator said...

The rogue apostrophe is also commonly used in France when advertisers want their brand to look like it's an English word...

I compare it to the random accent (or a random "le" article) English speakers will put on English words too try to appear French..

11:27 pm


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