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Friday, November 13

The Terminator Gets Genki

Foreigners in Japan have had a long held fascination with "genki" drinks. Yes, those drinks that sit in the little fridges near the conbini store checkouts full of caffeine, sugar and god knows what else to keep you GENKI (energetic). They sell for anywhere between ¥150 - ¥1000. Not sure how safe the "god knows what other stuff" that is in them is - I know people who have flipped out from having one too many of these things, well just having one of them.

This commercial for Arinamin V, featuring The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sums it up pretty well,and that is, you still have no clue what it is or what is going to happen to you after consumption.

Drink at your own risk, that's the point isn't it?

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Blogger cambosis said...

thats got to be one of the most besterest Genki commercials ever!

10:13 am

Blogger digiboy84@gmail.com said...

they work too hard, and 'believe' it they drink a 'genki' drink, they will feel better, therefore, be able to work harder....I fail to see their logic. Eventhough the majority of office workers work long hours, I never saw that much productivity.....

11:53 pm


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