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Thursday, November 12

Thank God for Doughnuts

My fiance and I have recently gone vegan, moreso for the good diet/health factor over animal liberation beliefs (I still wear leather and I still have my eye on a fir coat in my mother's wardrobe). Now for the last 3 months, I have been craving some serious doughnut eating action. Strange because I do not normally eat doughtnuts and, even on a fine day, a good doughnut in Japan is hard to find. Mr. Donut does not live up to his name.

So you can imagine my happiness when I stumbled across the Doughnut Plant at Akihabara and Shinjuku stations recently.

These doughnuts don't contains eggs and two of the flavours use soy milk! And, as far as doughnuts go in general, the Doughnut Plant are probably up there with the best. Needless to say our snack time isn't all about carrots and celery sticks.

As they say, all you need is love...and (soy milk, egg-free) doughnuts.

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Anonymous BEL said...

The last time I looked, that coat was made of fox fur and not pine needles

10:50 am

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Like I said...vegan for diet reasons only. Fashion is still in.

10:53 am

Anonymous bel said...

Oh now I get it - fox fir is vegan for fox fur

11:35 am


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