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Wednesday, December 2

What's Cooking?!

It is officially winter now and that means we can openly eat nabe! Nabe is basically the Japanese version of a hot pot. So easy and so delicious.

Basically you need your stock (we have been using a kimchi-based stock) which you put into your nabe pot, add water until the pot is almost full and start to heat. Throw in your veggies (cabbage, carrot, spring onions, mushies) and when they start going soft add some tofu in to (any variety is fine). Cook up some rice in a separate pot and when everything has come to a boil, serve together!

We are vegan at the moment so everything is veggie only, but you can add thin strips of beef, prawns, chicken balls, squid.....whatever you fancy. The best way of doing this is by holding a nabe party; you use a portable hot plate with a gas cooker on your dining room table and everyone takes it in turns of adding ingredients and managing the hot pot.

YUM YUM. Seconds please!

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Anonymous bel said...

Looks delicious! Are you cooking this for us?

6:22 am


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