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Tuesday, February 9

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

My wedding to my wonderful fiance is just under 2 months away.

I have had some issues with the my wedding this week. Yet I figure that is why I came back to Melbourne 2 months early; to iron any problems out.

Anyway, sat down to watch some TV and came across this show: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? Each episode follows 2 different couples in the lead up to their big day.

Couple A were pretty tame. I didn't get the whole background story but for some reason the wedding planner and the service providers decided to get together and give them a free dream wedding. So Couple A were eternally grateful for the entire thing.

Can't say the same for Couple B.

Hubby-to-be had a serious budget they needed to stick to. Wifey-to-be had no regard for that. She also had no regard for the fact that her fiance had trouble with some aspects of their wedding because they were exactly the same as wifey-to-be's first wedding. I can totally understand that, as my fiance has been married before and it has been important for me to make sure certain things will be different. He completely understands that. This woman had no respect for her partner's feelings at all and just kept throwing around the phase "It has to be like this or that" as well as "Stop using the word budget!!" She kept going on about the fact that she didn't like the fact her partner kept mentioning the budget....but this lady, and what she wanted, was unreasonable.

Yet karma hit her pretty hard and it was quite funny too. She got her comeuppance when she tried on her wedding dress - and it was too small. Apparently she had purchased it on the smaller side thinking she would lose the weight. What a fail that was. She actually put more weight on and the dress had to be drastically altered. In fact the bridal shop wasn't even sure they could do the job it needed or even get it done in time.

Seriously, I cannot believe the absolute drama and stress some people bring on themselves in the name of their wedding. All for ONE DAY. I wonder how many of these couples actually give a second thought to the marriage, the happily ever after....the whole point of the wedding? I wonder what Miss Britney Spears would say about all of this?!

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So long as you don't pick up any bridezilla tips!

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