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Monday, April 19

Cauliflower, Gyoza and Ears

I never really knew what a cauliflower ear was until I met my husband. Even then, it still took me a while to figure it out - who ever looks at peoples' ears? For those who don't know, a cauliflower ear is when the skin of the ear is separated from the cartlige, with bleeding occurring in between. The blood then calcifies or hardens, and as a result, the ear then becomes bumpy, hard and somewhat enlarged. So it is a common injury with rugby players and wrestlers.

My husband was lucky. When he played rugby and it happened to him, the doctor lanced his ear right away to reduce the problem. In Japan, cauliflower ears are referred to as mimi gyoza, which literally translates into dumpling ears. Until yesterday, I never understood just how bad a cauliflower ear could be.

My own experience with the Japanese medical system tells me it is no wonder they were not able to fix his ear.

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