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Tuesday, April 27

Kindness Campaign

For the last 2 years, the Metro (Japanese subway system) has put out a poster campaign to encourage appropriate behaviour on trains. I believe it will run through until March or April in 2011. There have been some very funny posters. This is the poster for April 2010:

If there is one place in the world where people do not budge from their train seats - not even for the old, the sick, the disabled or the pregnant - it is definitely Japan. Even when they are sitting in the seats designated for people with needs. People on the train avoid eye contact or they generally tend to look down the train at which ever foreigner is on the carriage and silently urge said needy person to stand near them because they know the foreigner will get up and move.

Hopefully this campaign works...but notice how unhappy the "kind" person in the poster looks about having to give up his seat?!

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Anonymous i-bec said...

”またやろう” is more like "let's do it again", and the connotations are endless.

7:54 pm


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