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Tuesday, April 13

Off The Rails

Sosumi Sushi Train, located in the basement of the Westin Hotel in Sydney, is one Japanese restaurant I will not be hurrying back to. To say I was disappointed was an understatement!

With a menu including various traditional sushi train dishes such as agedashi tofu, seaweed salad and of course a range of sushi, I thought my hubby and I were in for a treat at Sosumi.

Not so.

First of all, the restaurant said it was open for lunch until 3pm. We walked i at 2.15 and sat down. After having waitresses rush past us, a lack of food being put on the "sushi train" and several attempts to get someone's/anybody's attention, we were told the kitchen was closing. Now the restaurant is not that big. It took us 15 minutes to get somebody's attention and to have them tell us this. As far as I am concerned, if a place says they are open for lunch until 3, the kitchen should not start closing until 3.

Secondly, any dish we asked for was not available. All that was available were the old and tired dishes making the rounds. I tried to eat a seaweed salad but it was very warm and suddenly I lost my appetite. My ex-prop husband still managed to down another 6 or 7 sorry looking sushi morsels but he too could not eat anymore (something he only usually says when he is sick).

Thirdly, for this kind of service and the quality of food available, Sosumi was well over-priced. At one point, a patron, who grew tired of waiting for his waitress and was appalled by the quality of the food served, tried to walk out.

I don't agree with doing a runner. Instead I would rather write a review and email it to them...

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Anonymous Tracey D said...

Oh not, not good at all. Can't say I am a fan of sushi trains anyway, especially outside of Japan where they do not seem to understand how important the fresh factor is!!

4:32 pm

Anonymous HH said...

Thanks for the advice. Am heading to Sydney soon for work, always love me a bit of Japanese. Know to avoid this place now.

5:01 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Have had a number of FB and Twitter msgs saying the same thing. I figure everyone has a bad day, but I guess the location of this restaurant and the price you pay for a meal there means you expect a restaurant of this calibre to not have a bad day. Or if they do, that they don't let it affect the patrons.

5:18 pm


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