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Thursday, April 29

Wings Versus Wins

One thing I will never understand about Japanese companies is the way they budget and handle their finances.

For instance, JAL (Japan Airlines) is going bust (read here) and they are slashing flights, reducing staff and doing generally what a bankrupt airline would do.

You think they would start by cutting all non-essentials right? Wrong. Which is why their 2nd Division rugby team is still training and preparing for the start of the season...which doesn't actually begin for another 5 months. Oh and they have held family and children's days the past few weekends too!

My new apartment is right next door to the JAL training ground. Granted, it is under water due to recent rain - which begs the question, what on earth is under that...earth? - but don't let a financial mishap like the entire company going under let it stop a CEO's sporting dreams!

If I was a JAL employee I would be livid that the team still continues to play, particularly when jobs are not stable. Yet I suppose if I was JAL employee I would probably be more bitter about the fact that company policy says I must attend all matches...

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