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Thursday, June 17

I Don't Wakarimasu

Recently, a good Japanese friend flew out to Australia and spent a bit of time in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It was while driving between Canberra and Sydney that he got a bit excited by the open road, the space and the fact that nobody was on it. So he decided to put the pedal to the metal.

He didn't get very far before he got clocked at doing (I think) 140 in a 100 zone. He got pulled over and of course the policeman came to chat to him.

Now this Japanese friend speaks better English than most Australians I know. But he got out of the car saying "No Engrish, no Engrish, no Engrish."

"No Engrish" translated into a fine worth a few hundred dollars and an explanation on how the speedometer works.

I love/am semi-impressed he tried to pull one over on the cop. How very Australian of him.

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Anonymous Warr said...

Yea, that'll only work on maybe half the people. The other half will get mad cuz "Why the hell did you come to my country if you can't speak the language!"

Reminds me of a story my Grandpa likes to tell though. He was in Oregon (where he lives in the winter) and decided to rent a Jaguar when his friend came to visit.

He was doing like 160 in a 100 zone when he got pulled over. He used his Alaskan license...

The cop warned him about the dangers of hitting a deer and my grandpa opened his eyes real wide and said "oh, i had no idea you could hit an animal! it's just that our roads in alaska are not nearly this smooth or straight"

Meanwhile, he's thinking of how V8 Utes come to a full stop and are totaled when they smash into Moose up here.

The cop let him go with a warning...

7:22 am


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