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Tuesday, June 1

Trash Talk

One of the most confusing things about living in Japan is trash day. Different areas have different collection days (not unusual) and different apartment buildings or blocks require you to do different things with/to your trash (somewhat unusual). And this is where it gets tricky.

Some apartment buildings do not require you to do anything other than to put your rubbish out in the desired area. Others require you to separate into plastics, combustibles, aluminium, papers, non-combustibles - which requires you to have an inhouse bin system more complicated than Tiger Woods' love life. If someone catches you putting out the wrong rubbish on the wrong day, you are put through an inquisition and a red letter is stuck above your doorway. Well not quite, but you get the point. That is why I often used the cover of darkness and would make midnight trash runs.

Some designated rubbish areas are small buildings that can be locked. I have lived in 2 apartments that had this. In the first apartment, our house key could open the rubbish room. In the second apartment, the room was only open between 7am and 8am. In other words, way too early for me to take out the trash.

In other words, I can totally understand why Satoshi's balcony here is laden with trash. Like me, he was probably waiting for those odd times the rubbish room opened out of hours...

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