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Tuesday, August 17

The Bad Apple in the Basket

As reported on Geek.com, a burning iPod managed to bring a train on the Denentoshi Line to a grinding halt during peak hour on Monday.

Traditionally punctual to the second, a speedy train was brought to a standstill during the rush hour in Tokyo so officials could investigate a “strong burning smell,” Reuters reported Monday and added that Apple’s iPodwas to blame for the incident.

A spokesman with Tokyu Corp. told the news gathering organization that one of the passengers on Tokyo’s Denentoshi line was listening to an iPod when it “burst apart,” causing a strong burning smell to spread throughout the train.

Apple Japan wouldn’t comment on the report. It’s the latest in a string of incidents in Japan that involve Apple’s music player. The government in Tokyo forced the company to replace faulty iPod nanos following the media pressure and reports of minor burns in at least sixty cases. Blaming the problem on overheating batteries sourced from an unknown supplier, Apple has issued a battery replacement program for the iPod nanos sold between September 2005 and December 2006.

In any other part of the world, there would be a product recall. But, thats Japan!

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Blogger Mike Staffa said...

Odd that this happened again in Japan! But Japan is in the middle of a record hot summer. Could the person have been using the iPod for a lengthy period of time in high temps (above the max operating temp of 35c)? Or did is the person trying to benefit from the iPod Nano 2005 recall and altered the iPod to overheat hoping to win a cash settlement from Apple?

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