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Thursday, August 5

Japan's Longevity Dented By Fraudulent...Old People

Yes, Japan's record for human longevity is under threat as reported by the National Post today. It was recently discovered that two of the country's oldest people - at 111 and 113 years of age - may have in fact died around 30 years ago.

In the first case, Japanese officials decided to go to the home of Sogen Kato - Tokyo's oldest living person - to personally congratulate him on his upcoming 111th birthday. However, they became suspicious when his family refused them entry into the apartment. Turns out Kato was actually in there, lying in his bed in his Pyjamas - mummified. He had died 30 years earlier but the family didn't report it so they could continue collecting his pension.

When it came to Tokyo's oldest living woman, Fusa Furuya, who was about to turn 113, officials fronted up to her daughter's house, also to wish her a happy birthday. The daughter said she hadn't seen her mum since the mid-80s and thought she may have lived with her brother. So they went to the brother's house, only it had been demolished some years earlier to make way for a freeway. Although the daughter had suspected her mum had passed years earlier, she had continued to pay her health insurance just in case.

In light of these two scenarios, city officials across Japan are now in the process of investigating their centenarians.


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