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Friday, August 27

Sumo Takes On Apple

One thing I love to seek out in Japan is great examples of the ancient world or culture co-existing and embracing the modern life of today. And here is another awesome instance involving sumo wrestling and Apple iPads.

The Japan Sumo Association is dishing out about 60 ipads amongst the 51 training stables and top officials to boost and improve communication - the iPad might be a little more suited to those fat-fingered athletes than the iPhone and its miniature keypad.

In true Japanese fashion, until now, the majority of communication within the sport was done via telephone and fax (I swear Japan is the only place in the world that still regularly sends facsimiles - which is one reason I never got my JLPT confirmation forms last year!!).

Association chief Hanaregoma said that the iPad seemed rather simple to use and that sending emails was very easy too.

I can just imagine the iPads being sent out. And just sitting there gathering dust while the fax is still used. It takes a long time for change to take hold in level of Japanese life...

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Anonymous Soness Stevens said...

So true, it does tend to take ages. I don't know about collecting dust, they might not take them out of the box. Faxes were initially popular because Kanji were easier to write than to teletype. Of course, now with the scanner and even earlier still, the Japanese keystrokes allow auto-kanji input, one would think that Japan would kick the fax. Well, Japan was on dial-up internet until a few years ago.
Great article! I always enjoy your site.

10:44 pm

Blogger Miss Riz said...

Thanks Soness - and yes, I know all about the dial-up!

8:49 pm


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