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Tuesday, September 21

Celebs Above the Law

Celebrity FAIL!

Steve Jobs, you may be "Mr Apple", but in Japan, you're just presumed to be a dirty, evil doing, law-breaking foreigner like the rest of us! Only, you actually took it a step further than the rest of us, by turning that presumption into a reality.

While on vacation in Japan this past July, Steve decided to pick himself up some Shuriken, Japanese Ninja throwing stars. When heading home via Kansai International Airport, instead of packing these stars into checked in luggage, Steve decided to keep these deadly weapons in his carry on.

Awesome decision.

Apparently, he then threw the hissy fits of all hissy fits at airport security and said he would never return to the country. Apple at first said nothing and then, upon realising how much of their market lies in Japan, issued a statement saying this never happened, and that Steve loves Japan and he can't wait to get back - to presumably collect his stars and throw them at airport security.

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